Main Formula

Damage =
Basic Attack Power


Pre-Cap Modifiers
Post-Cap Modifiers
Enemy Armor x 0.7
0.6 x Random Number
(between 0 and (Enemy Armor - 1))
Remaining Ammo Modifier
  • If the result is less than 1, it becomes scratch damage, which does 6-14% of current target HP, rounded down (can be rounded to 0).
  • If the pre-cap damage (Basic Attack Power x Pre-Cap Modifiers) exceeds a certain cap value, any extra damages would be square-rooted.
  • This formula is under constant review and updated accordingly if there any inconsistencies or mistakes happens.

Basic Attack Power Править

Type Basic Attack Power Notes
Opening Air Strike Plane Scaling × ((Bomber's Dive Bomb or Torpedo stat) × √(Number of Planes) + 25) Number of planes is post anti-bomber combat and fleet anti-air defense

Not affected by other Pre-cap modifiers

Shelling (Carriers) [(Firepower + Torpedo + [Dive Bomb × 1.3] + Shelling Upgrades + Combined Fleet Factor) × 1.5] + 55 Round down numbers inside [ ]
Shelling (Others) Firepower + Shelling Upgrades + Combined Fleet Factor + 5
Torpedo Torpedo + Torpedo Upgrades + 5 No +5 for combined fleet
Anti-sub warfare (2 × √(Ship ASW) + 1.5 × Equipment ASW + ASW Upgrades + Type) × Bonus Equipment ASW: Does not apply to ASW from Recon Seaplanes.

Type: 13 if Sonar/Depth Charge (DD, CL), 8 if aircraft (AV, CVL, CAV, BBV).
Bonus: 1.15 if both Sonar and Depth Charge are equipped, 1.0 otherwise.

Night Battle Firepower + Torpedo + Night Contact +5 for Night Scout activation

Torpedo stat ignored against installation targets

  • Multiple SONAR/Depth charges do not boost the ASW Bonus (i.e. 2 of each still makes the bonus 1.15)
  • Please read Akashi's Improvement Arsenal page for effects given by upgraded equipment.
  • Please read Combined Fleet page for combined fleet factor in combined fleets.
  • All carriers that participate in night battle, including friendly side and abyssal's, use the standard night battle formula.
  • During Night Battle, the basic attack power of anti-submarine warfare can be treat as zero, with the exception of in Combined Fleet maps.